10 Famous Prisons in The State of Ohio (2023)

Are you wondering what famous prisons or jails are in the state of Ohio? You're not the only one. This is a common question I'm often asked. Many prisons in the State of Ohio have become famous due to their unique history or notoriety of those incarcerated.

Many famous criminals have served terms there. Here's a brief rundown of the ten most famous prisons in the state of Ohio and what you should know about them.

Top 10 Famous Prisons in The State of Ohio

In this article, you'll learn about 10 famous prisons in Ohio to visit if you're interested in their history.

  1. Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
  2. Madison Correctional Institution
  3. Chillicothe Correctional Institution
  4. Ohio Reformatory for Women
  5. Southeastern Correctional Institute
  6. Dayton Correctional Institution
  7. Ross Correctional Institution
  8. Belmont Correctional Institute
  9. Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution
  10. Lebanon Correctional Institution

1. Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility is a state prison for men located in Lucasville, Ohio, owned and operated by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. 1,625 inmates are housed in this maximum-security prison.

Several inmates at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility are mentally ill and violent. With a high-security level of inmates, violence, assaults, and fights are expected. As part of its correctional business, the facility has a shoe shop where inmates are employed.

There is an opportunity for inmates to obtain a GED at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility and courses in adult basic education. In addition, offenders can enroll in courses related to building maintenance.

For inmates of Ross Correctional Camp, this facility provides access to their land for farming. Scioto County Homeless Shelter receives the product that is cultivated. For inmates with substance abuse problems, outpatient treatment is also available.

2. Madison Correctional Institution

It has a majority of medium- and medium-security inmates who are housed at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. Furthermore, there are more than 130 Death Row inmates in the Chillicothe Correctional Institution for the State of Ohio.

Due to its size, it has a total of 2,750 inmates. The prison industries' program activities include manufacturing chairs, and mattresses and modifying vehicles. A GED can be obtained by inmates while incarcerated through adult basic education.

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Inmates are also offered vocational training in welding and carpentry, among other disciplines. Prisoners can also make rosaries, work with dogs, and refinish church pews as part of community service.

3. Chillicothe Correctional Institution

Chillicothe Correctional Institution is a state prison located in Chillicothe, Ohio. There are also over 130 Ohio Death Row inmates at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. It is estimated that there are 2,750 inmates at this facility at any given time.

Inmates are employed in chair, mattress, and vehicle modification factories. During incarceration, inmates can take classes and earn a GED.

A variety of construction skills are offered to inmates, including carpentry, welding, and HVAC. Inmates can also make clothing for foster children, refinish church pews, and improve church pews as part of community service.

4. Ohio Reformatory for Women

The Ohio Reformatory for Women is a state prison for women located in Marysville, Ohio. For female inmates entering the corrections system, this is the primary facility used as a correctional facility.

There are 2,956 inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. At this facility, most of the inmates are in minimum and medium security situations, but there is also one inmate on death row and close custody offenders.

The inmates may also work with dogs and wildlife as part of community service programs. Additionally, inmates can earn a GED and study for an adult basic education program.

5. Southeastern Correctional Institute

Southeastern Correctional Institute (SCCI) is a maximum security prison located in Lancaster, Ohio, called Lancaster Unit. A total of 450 inmates are housed at Hocking Unit, while nearly 2,081 inmates are housed at Southeastern Correctional Institution.

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Prisoners at this facility can work in health tech cleaning supplies as part of the correctional industries program. In addition to earning their GEDs during incarceration, prisoners can also enroll in basic adult education classes during this time.

The Chaplain's office provides religious worship services. When an individual is accepted into the Intensive Program Prison, they will serve a 90-day incarceration before being released.

6. Dayton Correctional Institution

Dayton Correctional Institution houses approximately 900 inmates in various levels of security, including minimal, medium, and close custody. Inmates at this facility are heavily focused on re-entry programs to prepare them for release.

Inmates learn how to prepare for job interviews, write resumes, and re-establish themselves in society through re-entry programs. Courses and testing for a GED are offered to adults in academic courses.

Inmates at Dayton Correctional Institution, where inmates can train abandoned dogs. During the student's time at the university, the Chaplain's office provides a selection of religious services and Bible studies.

7. Ross Correctional Institution

Ross Correctional Institution (RCI) serves medium-security men located in Chillicothe, Ohio. Most level 3 inmates are housed in this close-custody correctional facility. Additionally, there is a medium security dorm at this facility.

The maximum capacity of Ross Correctional Institution is 2,578 inmates. Compared to other close custody facilities in Ohio, this facility has an average rate of violence. Despite a backlog of medical requests, this facility provides excellent medical services.

Inmates at Ross Correctional Facility can earn their GEDs and take standard adult basic education classes. Vocational courses are available in this prison, including woodworking and office technology. Community service programs for prisoners include helping the homeless, working with canines, and wrapping holiday presents.

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Also available are three-month outpatient programs such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a program that teaches and encourages a life of sobriety to those struggling with substance abuse issues.

8. Belmont Correctional Institute

A correctional facility located in St. Clairsville, Ohio, is named Belmont Correctional Institution. Most of the facility's inmates are held in medium and minimum-security prisons. Belmont Correctional Institution is currently able to house 2,771 offenders.

As part of the reentry programming, the facility provides its inmates with library services, adult basic education, and the opportunity to obtain a GED while incarcerated. All inmates can participate in additional religious services and bible study.

9. Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution

Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution is situated in Lima, Ohio. Several types of inmates are housed in this facility, including minimum custody, medium custody, and close custody. There are currently approximately 1,610 inmates in this facility.

A variety of programs are available to inmates to assist them in furthering their education after they have been released. The Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution has several community service programs, such as dogs, quilting, and knitting.

Adult classes for basic literacy, GED, and pre-GED are at Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution. Apprenticeship programs provide inmates with skills in plumbing, carpentry, veterinarian, tailoring, and quality assurance.

Further vocational training is available in several fields, such as flooring and power equipment. Inmates can attend various worship services from the chaplain's office.

10. Lebanon Correctional Institution

Lebanon Correctional Institution is a medium-security prison in Lebanon, Ohio. As of now, it can hold more than 2,500 male inmates, most of whom are in minimum or medium custody.

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Inmates who are enrolled in the crochet program are taught the basics and create hats and scarves to donate to homeless shelters. Additionally, wounded servicemen from the military can create custom clothing as part of another sewing program.

Also, Lebanon Correctional Institution has license plate factories where prisoners can create license plate validation stickers and distribution warehouses where they can distribute license plates.

There are nine blocks of cells at Lebanon Correctional Institution, each with three levels of cells. It is possible to fit 250 men in each tier. A program called Adoptable Dogs allows inmates to foster and train shelter pets.

PS: 10 Famous Prisons in The State of Ohio

The Ohio state prisons have a long-lasting history of holding many famous prisoners. While many of them were convicted of violent crimes and were not good people in general, some had done nothing wrong but were imprisoned for their political views.

In each prison mention, you will find a small bit of information about how the prison came to be. The purpose is to remind us of how our country has progressed in its history of punishment toward all criminals.

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